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Livestock and Range Management

Wild Pig Damage in Agricultural Lands in California Survey
  • Wild pigs at HREC
    University of California Cooperative Extension Wild Pig Survey

    In managed rangelands and agricultural areas, feral or wild pigs are a significant pest species. However, estimates of total damaged area occurring on these lands are ill-defined and subject to a high degree of variability. Wild pigs can be important...

    By John M Harper
    Author - Livestock & Natural Resources Advisor


The Livestock and Natural Resource Management Program focuses on efforts to keep range livestock and the rangeland itself healthy and productive. The program assists landowners through problem-solving research and by providing science based information that promotes good stewardship and sustainability.


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John Harper is the Livestock & Natural Resources Program Advisor. He can be reached at the Mendocino County UCCE Office - 463-4495. or you can email him at jmharper@ucanr.edu